Brisk Coloured Cotton Balls (100pcs)

Manufacturer: Brisk Ltd
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MDM Articulating Paper 20 Strips

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Delhimed Tweezer

Tweezer Pick up small objects with precision, using this unique “cotton and dressing tweezer, commonly used by dentists to place cotton rolls between the cheek and gum.
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Delhimed Nylon Brushes

Used with contra hand piece.
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Delhimed Gloves Examination Large

Multi Care / DS Care / Exam Care
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Mani K File 15-40 25 mm

K File 15-40 no 25 mm MANI - Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finish cutting edges make possible for excellent working characteristics with high ductility. MANI Original 18-8 hard fiber stainless steel prevents corrosion after repeated cleaning and sterilization.
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Zhermack Tropicalgin Alginate Chromatic

Advantages- Fast water absorption, Easy mixing, Homogenous mass, smooth, compact surfaces, Long impression storage,Safe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Zeta 7 Spray Simple and fast mixing
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Ammdent Cavitemp Temporary filling Material

Temporary Filling Material Non Eugenol base
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Septodont Plastalgin Alginate Chromatic

454 gms
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