Capri Products

Caprisons under its Brand capri manufactures products of Dental care for use in Dental Clinics/practice, Hospitals and Laboratories. capri stands for Quality-Innovation-Strength We are proud of the confidence shown in Capri products, by the 3 generations of dentists. At Capri we recognize and accept the responsibility and we shall continue to build the same with utmost dedication.

CAPRI name derived and created from its founder Mr. C. A. PURI (Chetan Anand Puri) , a visionary ,innovator and trend setter. Mr. Puri originally belongs to Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and pursued his Masters in Transport Management. It was an immense transformation from Transportation to Dentistry.

Mr. Puri was always interested in personal hygiene products, hence dentistry. New Age Guru of the 1970’s paved our way and inspired us into dentistry. Vinod Puri , his second son joined him in 1983, to promote the business and introduce many more innovative products useful in the dental fraternity. His sheer hard work and dedication enhanced capri which is now a popular brand in the field of dentistry in India. Sanjiv Puri then joined the business in 1996 further adding technical support to the business & improving the capacity & capability.

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Capri Bur Block Air Rotor

Capri Bur Block.Heavy transparent base with transparent lid. Bur Block Size 21 holes Air-rotor Burs only
₹ 150.00 excluding shipping

Capri Bur Sterilizing Container

Securely holds FG, RA , HP Burs , diamonds & other small items , preventing their loss. Also holds crown & bridges that are placed in ultrasonic cleaner for cement removal . Autoclave cotton pellets . Stainless Steel design for use in all types of autoclaves.
₹ 150.00 excluding shipping

Capri Cheek Dry Guards

Standard plain- 200 pcs
₹ 250.00 excluding shipping

Capri Cotton Roll Dispenser

Single Dispenser
₹ 285.00 excluding shipping

Capri Cotton Rolls Assorted Pack

Small - Medium - Large Quantity- 1000 pcs
₹ 400.00 excluding shipping

Capri Cotton Rolls Large

Dia- 1.2 cms Quantity- 1000 pcs
₹ 475.00 excluding shipping

Capri Cotton Rolls Medium

Dia- 1.0 cms Quantity- 1000 pcs
₹ 425.00 excluding shipping

Capri Cotton Rolls Small

Dia- 0.8 cms Quantity- 1000 pcs
₹ 325.00 excluding shipping

Capri Denture Boxes

Standard / Regular 10 colours and 10 pcs
₹ 300.00 excluding shipping

Capri Disposable Bibs Blue

Neck Notch Size- 16 inch x 18 inch Quantity- 50 pcs
₹ 265.00 excluding shipping

Capri Disposable Bibs Pink

Capri Disposable Bibs. Super Absorbent front with poly backing. 16" x 18" pack contains 50 pcs.
₹ 265.00 excluding shipping

Capri Eye Shields

Capri Eye Shields- Protects eys from air-borne splatters. Bacterial and flying debris. Reusable and replaceable shields. Can be cold sterilized or disinfected with surgical soap and blotted dry with paper tissues. Contains : 1 Frame + 5 pcs.
₹ 300.00 excluding shipping

Capri Glass Dispenser

Capri Glass Dispenser- Plastic dispenser, attaches to wall with screw / adhesive tape. Holds 25 plastic disposable cups and dispenses one cup at a time.
₹ 550.00 excluding shipping

Capri Lip & Cheek Retractors Adult and Pedo

Capri Lip & Cheek Retractors. Contains : Set of 2 ( Pedo & Adult )
₹ 760.00 excluding shipping

Capri Saliva Ejectors

Standard- 100 pcs
₹ 200.00 excluding shipping

Capri Sandwich Gauze ( non sterile )

Size- 5.0 cms x 5.0 cms Quantity- 500 pcs
₹ 330.00 excluding shipping

Capri Tongue Protector

Tongue Protector Capri.
₹ 90.00 excluding shipping

Capri Vinyl Apron

Capri Vinyl Apron- Made with cling-on feature that wraps around the patient's neck. A special pocket made at the bottom is provided to collect excess water spillage during extended surgery.
₹ 225.00 excluding shipping

Capri X Ray Bite Holder

Capri X-RAY Bite Holder.
₹ 170.00 excluding shipping