Coltene/Whaledent Products

COLTENE is a global leader in dental consumables and small equipment covering the whole dental treatment process. Dentists and dental labs worldwide rely on the company’s products for implant-based therapies and dental reconstructions, as well as traditional therapies. COLTENE has been the leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision impression materials and innovative, aesthetically-pleasing filling materials since the mid-sixties. In 1990, the Swiss Coltène AG joined forces with the American company Whaledent Inc., a producer of technical dental consumables established in 1956 in New York. Since then, the combined Coltène/Whaledent brand has brought polymer chemistry-based impression and filling materials, a broad range of high-precision mechanical instruments, dental pins and posts, carbide and diamond burs and other rotary instruments.

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Coltene Para Core Kit

₹ 9,000.00 excluding shipping

Coltene Rubber Dam Clamps

₹ 6,300.00 excluding shipping

Coltene Rubber Dam Kit Hygenic Adult

Kit Contains: -Plastic Dental Dam Frame 6" -Wedjets Stabilizing Cord Pack(S) -Hygenic Template 6" -Punch -Forcep -Rubber Dam Sheets 6x6"(36) -Set of 9 Clamps-Adult
₹ 18,000.00 excluding shipping

Coltene Rubber Dam Kit Hygenic Pedo

Kit Contains: -Plastic Dental Dam Frame 5" -Wedjets Stabilizing Cord Pack(S) -Hygenic Template 5" -Punch -Forcep -Rubber Dam Sheets Pedo 5x5"(52) -Set of 6 Clamps -Pedo
₹ 18,500.00 excluding shipping

Coltene Rubber Dam Punch Hygenic

₹ 4,300.00 excluding shipping

Coltene Rubber Dam Sheets

Hygenic Dental Dam is made of pure, natural rubber latex. Tough and hard to tear, the powdered material is used as a barrier during operative and endodontic procedures. Packaging : Adult 6 x 6" Contains : 36 Sheets .
₹ 1,400.00 excluding shipping

Coltene Speed X Putty Kit

Speedex medium has outstanding wettability and excellent flow characteristics.
₹ 2,750.00 excluding shipping

Coltene Zet Bite

₹ 2,800.00 excluding shipping