Dentsply Ceramco 3 Dentin C4

Contains – 28 gms Powder
Manufacturer: Dentsply
₹ 1,100.00
excluding shipping

Ceramco3 porcelain system provides a customized firing process that reduces remakes and increases laboratory profitability and productivity. This porcelain system offers the ease-of-use of traditional CERAMCO porcelains. Ceramco3 porcelain system is non-greening with out of the bottle shading. Other features of this system include organic pigments in the porcelains. The brilliant colorants assist in the build-up of restorations by reducing the training time and allowing technicians to clearly view the placement of each layer of porcelain. The Ceramco3 porcelain system also offers the 16 A-D shades, 26 C3 Shade Series and 8 illuminé white shades.