NSK Japan Products

NSK was created in 1930 by NAKANISHI as a manufacturer specializing in super high-speed rotary cutting technology. NSK’s range of businesses has been expanding from dentistry to general industry, and even into the field of surgery. NSK is No. 1 brand for all these devices: To make contributions to the health and peace of the global community through manufacturing high quality products and foster friendships with people worldwide.

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NSK Air Rotor Oil Spray Turbo X

Oil Spray, Turbo X Spray Plus This Germany make Turbo X Spray plus is best used oil spray for cleaning and lubricating all handpiecs , contra angles and turbines.
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NSK FX Straight hand Piece

₹ 9,500.00 excluding shipping

NSK Standard Cartridge

NPA - SO3, CODE : T014
₹ 3,300.00 excluding shipping

NSK Super Torque Cartridge

₹ 3,300.00 excluding shipping