Delhimed Haemotoxin Lilac Colour Pencil

Company- Apsara
Manufacturer: Apsara
₹ 10.00
excluding shipping
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Delhimed Eosin Violet Colour Pencil

Company- Apsara
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Paramount Face Mask Loop

Per Box Contains - 50 Pieces
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API Lacron Carver

₹ 100.00 excluding shipping

Delhimed Mouth Mirror Handle & Top

Dental mirrors are used by the dentist or dental auxiliary to view a mirror image of the teeth in locations of the mouth where visibility is difficult or impossible. They also are used for reflecting light on to desired surfaces, indirect vision, and with retraction of soft tissues to improve access or vision.
₹ 25.00 excluding shipping

Delhimed Chip Blower

Chip blower An instrument for blowing the debris out of, or drying, a tooth cavity that is being excavated for a filling; it consists of a rubber bulb with a metal nozzle.
₹ 35.00 excluding shipping

Delhimed Cement Spatula

Cement spatula is a clinical instrument which we use in our daily practice.
₹ 15.00 excluding shipping

Delhimed Plaster Knife

Plaster knife is an instrument which is used to handle the plaster of paris and apply it in a way which is needed.
₹ 30.00 excluding shipping

Delhimed Wax Knife

This knife is designed for carrying wax and "through and through" softening of the Esthetic Control Base when setting anterior teeth.
₹ 15.00 excluding shipping