Mani Pluggers 15 -40 21 mm

Manufacturer: Mani Japan
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Delhimed Mouth Mirror Handle & Top

Dental mirrors are used by the dentist or dental auxiliary to view a mirror image of the teeth in locations of the mouth where visibility is difficult or impossible. They also are used for reflecting light on to desired surfaces, indirect vision, and with retraction of soft tissues to improve access or vision.
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Delhimed Polishing Cup

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Delhimed Spoon Excavator

Spoon Excavators for removal of carious dentin. An instrument, generally a small spoon used to clean out and shape a carious cavity before filling it. This instrument intended primarily to remove carious material from a cavity.
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D Tech Etchant

37% phosphoric acid gel. Silica free, high quality, non - drying, medium viscosity gel. Thixotropic ,stays put, does not run. Visible blue colour. Has excellent water solubility. Disposable tips save time and are more sanitary. 3 GRM SYG
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API Mouth Mirror Handle and Top

Mouth mirror with handle is used for examining the mouth and teeth. They are the basic instruments needed during each appointment for diagnosis. Mouth Mirror Examine Indirect vision, light reflection, retraction, tissue protection
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Delhimed Tweezer

Tweezer Pick up small objects with precision, using this unique “cotton and dressing tweezer, commonly used by dentists to place cotton rolls between the cheek and gum.
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API Instrument Tray Plastic Small Without Lid

Dental instrument trays constructed of tough, colorful plastic. New design for easier handling of instruments. Accommodates larger handled and standard sized instruments.
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Delhimed Ball Burnisher

Ball burnisher A manual dental instrument with a round tip used for smoothing or polishing a restoration. It is a burnisher with a working point in the form of a ball.
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