Premadent and Ashwin Products

Dr Jagdish Lal Sethi is one of the oldest and leading company making acrylic teeth in india. There famous brands are premadent, ashwin etc.

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Ashvin Cold Cure Powder & Liquid 110 gm

A cold cure self polymerizing acrylic material suitable for all types of repairs to acrylic dentures. Also useful in orthodontic work. Resin that can be polymerized by chemical catalysis rather than by the application of heat or light; used in dentistry for dental restoration, denture repair, and impression trays.
₹ 175.00 excluding shipping

Ashvin Cold Mould Seal 110 ml

COLD MOULD SEAL Prevents cured acrylic denture from sticking to stone plaster cast.Uniform film thickness permits closer adaptation of acrylic resin to gypsum cast.Formaldehyde free.
₹ 35.00 excluding shipping

Ashwin Tooth Colour Powder SC 10

Contents - 56 Gm powder
₹ 230.00 excluding shipping

Premadent Teeth Set

Full Set
₹ 100.00 excluding shipping