Ruthinium Dental Products (P) Ltd.

Ruthinium Dental Products (P) Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Dental Manufacturing S.p.A, Italy.

RUTHINIUM® Group – Dental manufacturing S.p.A. was established in Turin in 1965 with the aim of producing materials for orthodontic purposes.

Since then the Company has successfully climbed the ladder of success due to its customer centric approach dedication and high quality standards and in 1967 has enlarged the range of products offered with the production of artificial resin teeth, the Group core-business still now.

Investments done in respect of the R&D have brought in 1969 by its works in Badia Polesine (RO) to the designing and production of Acry Rock, the first world-famous RUTHINIUM® Group two-layers tooth, still appreciated by its clients.

To cope with the requirements of the most demanding customers, in 1975 the Company has started the production of Acry Star and in 1983 the production of Acry Lux, the three-layers teeth with increased chemical and physical properties, obtained by resins at a high molecular weight.

In parallel, a lot of energies and investments are targeted to the research and testing of new acrylic polymers and co-polymers with the purpose of producing high quality resins for crowns & bridges and prosthesis, positioning the Company at a leading standard.

In 2002, after many years of Study and Research and tests made by primary Italian and Foreign Universities, RUTHINIUM® Group Dental manufacturing develops and puts on the international market Acry Plus, the top quality tooth offered by the Company.

Thanks to the peculiar enamel-dentine cutting, giving Acry Plus a great translucent and "life-like" effect and to its great enamel hardness, this tooth is appreciated by most of the Labs. and Dentists.