The Kit [PN 0308]/FG[PN 0309] Contains: • 3 each Brownie Cups & Midi-Points -for pre-polishing • 2 each Greenie Cups & Midi-Points -for polishing • 1 each Supergreenie Cup & Midi-Point –for super polishing
Manufacturer: Shofu
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An ideal assortment of abrasives impregnated with polishing compounds to provide fast and brilliant results on Amalgam restorations without pumice or tin oxide.

Amalgam Polishing Kit

Silicon abrasives impregnated with polishing ingredients.

  •                                  Provides fast, brilliant results without pumice or tin oxide
  •                                  Cups are for proximals and mini-points are for occlusals
  •                                  Brownies for pre-polishing
  •                                  Greenies for polishing
  •                                  Supergreenies for super-polishing
  •                                  Contra-Angle and Friction-Grip kits
  •                                  Use Amalgam Polishing kit for: amalgams and precious alloys



• These auto clavable silicone polishers have a long track record and are well known for their

efficiency and durability

• Recommended average speed for Brownie, Greenie & Super Greenie Polishers: 5,000 to 7,000

rpm (maximum speed of 30,000 rpm)