Shofu Hy Bond CX Plus Glass Ionomer Type I Luting Cement

Type I Luting Cement PACKAGING : 45g powder, 25mL liquid, mixing pad, spatula, dispenser, instructions.
Manufacturer: Shofu
₹ 3,600.00
₹ 2,600.00
excluding shipping

An enhanced glass ionomer luting cement with prolonged working time.

  •                                  Indicated for cementing crowns, inlays, long-span bridges and orthodontic appliances
  •                                  Prolonged working time with no change in viscosity followed by a snap-set
  •                                  Low film thickness (20µm) with high compressive strength (177 MPa)
  •                                  Bonds to both dentin and enamel to provide an excellent marginal seal to overcome post-operative sensitivity
  •                                  High fluoride release
  •                                  High level of radiopacity
  •                                  Easy mixing, handling and resistant to water contamination at the initial stage


PACKAGING : 45g powder, 25mL liquid, mixing pad, spatula, dispenser, instructions

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