Shofu Zirconomer

Zirconia Reinforced Restorative Contains : 12g Powder & 5ml Liquid
Manufacturer: Shofu
₹ 3,800.00
₹ 2,650.00
excluding shipping


Created as a new class of restorative, it exhibits the strength and durability of amalgam with the protective benefits of glass ionomer while completely eliminating the hazard of mercury. Ideal for restoration of selective class I & II permanent restorations, as structural base in sandwich restoration, core build-up, pediatric & geriatric restoration, long-term temporary replacement of fractured cusps, fractured amalgam restoration, ART as well as restoration of root surfaces where overdentures rest.


• Reinforced with special zirconia fillers to match the strength and durability of amalgam

• Sustained high fluoride release for anti-cariogenic benefits especially in cases with his caries


• Packable and condensable like amalgam without the hazard of mercury or the risk of corrosion,

expansion and thermal conductivity

• High flexural modulus and compressive strength ensures longevity in stress bearing areas

• Chemically bonds to enamel/dentin with co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to tooth

structure for greater marginal integrity

• Easy mixing and handling characteristics with adequate working time and snap-set reaction

• Excellent resistance to abrasion and erosion


Zirconomer 1-1 Set (PN 3125):
12 gm Powder & 5 ml Liquid, Mixing Pad, Spoon & Spatula

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